Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Running Update

At the end of November, I ran my first 10K with my coworker, Danielle, her boyfriend, CJ, and one of my friends, Zach.

As a whole, I was definitely the weakest link, but I ran the whole thing and that's what counts, right? Definitely not the million complaints I made Danielle endure in the last mile.

After this race was over, I thought maybe Danielle would like to listen to more of my running woes, so we signed up for...

The Nike Women's Half Marathon! We put our names in the lottery and we both were chosen (to my delight and displeasure). Training started this week and I have more than enough time to better prepare myself than I did for the last race. Hashtag WeRunDC.

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  1. Erica Linsenmeyer12.12.13

    I'm jealous! I didn't make it. Have fun!