Wednesday, December 11, 2013

West Coast, Best Coast

WARNING: This is a lengthy one...

I ended up winning a free trip to Seattle to see a Huskies football game. Inluded in this big win was a flight home for two, two Huskies tickets to a game of my choice, and two nights in a Seattle hotel. To say I was stoked would be the understatement of the year. Our first choice was to go see Apple Cup the day after Thanksgiving. Luckily the stars aligned, and we had a free trip home for Thanksgiving.

Our first full day in Washington started with breakfast at Sunrise Cafe in Auburn. If you haven't been there before, I would highly recommend it. The have omelets the size of babies. Truly. Like a dozen eggs per omelet. And banana bread that is to die for. 

Then, we drove our way down to Bellingham. Someone (who was not me and who shall remain nameless) got pulled over for speeding as we were entering B-town, but luckily, our grouchy cop wasn't as grouchy as we thought he was and let us off with a warning. And on to grandmother's house we went.

I didn't take a ton of pictures for the entire trip and the amount of pictures I took in Bellingham was a very tiny number. But, I did stop to admire the pretty mountains of Bellingham while I was on a run Friday or Saturday night (faulty memory).

While at home, I also found some real gems in the Avery book that Grams has been making (Side note: Grams keeps meticulous genealogy of both the living and the dead. Each family has a book of their own). My book is filled with  amazing things.

For instance, cat drawing capabilities. No one could draw better cats than I could. 

And that's about the extent of my cat drawing skills even to this day. You can't beat perfection.

I also found this picture from, oh, i don't know, kindergarten or first grade. I can tell you for a fact that I was also wearing purple stirrup stretch pants. Best outfit. Hands down. Might even wear it today if I had me some purple stirrup stretch pants.

We saw as much family as possible while there. We spent a few hours one night with my Aunt Tina and Uncle Jeff. Saturday, we went over to my cousins' house (Jeff and Andrea) for brunch. It was so nice of them to have us over and I really enjoy getting to know them both as adults. It doesn't hurt that they have 5 adorable kids either. :) Sunday night, we had family dinner with my grandparents, my mom, and my Uncle Mike.

Sunday was Stake Conference and Elder Bednar heard that we were going to be in town, so he came to say hello to us. From the pulpit. And then rush out so no one knew we were besties. It's cool. I'm down with secret friendships.

We left Bellingham Monday afternoon and made our way back down to Auburn to see Holland's family.  Here are a couple things we saw while in Auburn:

This beautiful mountain... I swear Washington has the best mountains.

This adorable pom named Bear (who belongs to my sister-in-law, Katie). He looks pretty pissed in this picture, but he was sweet as can be and as cute as a button.

We had Thanksgiving with Holland's dad and Robin on Wednesday and then with Holland's mom and her husband, Chuck, along with a bunch of Chuck's family on Thursday. It was a full house with full bellies, for sure.

Thursday night, we made our way to Seattle to stay in our hotel and get up bright and early on Friday for Apple Cup.

Friday morning, we met up with Derek, Gina, Kyle, and Max, and Lisa, Chris, and Hannah for breakfast at Portage Bay. I had never actually been there before, but I will almost never say no to breakfast.

After breakfast, we bought a couple things from the bookstore and then made our way to THE BRAND NEW HUSKY STADIUM for THE APPLE CUP. For those of you unfamiliar with Washington rivalries... The Apple Cup is a game played each year between the University of Washington Huskies and the Washington State Cougars. We have a bitter rivalry and I daresay it will continue on into the eternities.

The stadium was really nice. And our seats weren't bad too. We were on the 300 level, but we were in the front row so we had an unobstructed view of the field.

The game was great. Luckily, despite some questionable calls (what's new for the Pac-12 refs, huh?), we came out on top of this year's rivalry game. We went hoarse from screaming and loved every minute of it.

At the end of the game, I finally ran into Danielle Re-nay-kay, who I had been trying to meet up with ALL DAY. We took a picture, but she has it on our phone, so it shall remain undocumented on the blogosphere.

Later that night, we ate at the famous Red Mill's Burger (supposedly a Top 25 burger in the country) and then saw the newest Hunger Games movie with Derek and Kaylene. I loved it. Although, I read the book (again) fairly recently, so I was much more critical than I may have been otherwise.

Saturday, we spent the day with Owen and Lora in Pike Place Market and downtown Seattle. We also had lunch with Danielle that day (of which I also have no photo documentation. It's like it never happened).

A highlight of our Pike Place rendezvous was spending a dollar to discover what kind of romancers we were.

Holland was Uncontrollable.
I was Passionate.
Owen was Harmless.
Lora was Harmless.

I'm not sure I've laughed harder in the recent past.

We ended the night over Thai with Lora and Owen and then drove back down to Auburn to stay the night. 

The next morning, I made my second trip to a walking clinic (hello, UTIx2... overshare?). Luckily, my antibiotics kicked in real quick and I recovered enough to make it to a local showing of Les Miserables in Issaquah for my sister-in-law's birthday. The theater was small enough to make all seats good seats and the show was great. If you discount the ancient couple in the back that was whispering back and forth the entire show.

"Psst. Is that his girlfriend?!"

Our final day in Seattle was lazily spent - lunch with Robin and then dinner and a Seahawks game with Danielle, who had graciously agreed to drive us to the airport that night. We were sad to say good-bye to the Best Coast, but happy to say hello to our own bed.

Until next year, Seattle.

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